Lockout at Quarter Block Party

The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock will perform “Lockout” at St. Peter’s Church in Cork on February 6th as part of the Quarter Block Party festival.

Quarter Block Party are delighted to bring “Lockout” to Cork for its second ever performance, and first in Cork. “Lockout” is a new large-scale work by The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock about the 1913 Lockout. For this project the band are joined by an electric guitar orchestra, bringing this unique sound into the world of contemporary Irish traditional music. “Lockout” is a grand departure for the band, bringing an epic volume and scale to their unique blend of contemporary and traditional sounds, and adding a sharper, more political voice which addresses the recent anniversary of the Lockout, and its relevance today.  On support is Cormac Dermody, Radie Peat (members of Lynched) and Brian Flanagan are a trio from Dublin that play traditional songs and tunes from both sides of the Atlantic. Murder ballads, barn-dances, whaling songs and old-time tunes are treated with considerable weight, with an emphasis on harmony and swelling, droning, chordal arrangements.

Tickets are €12.50 (inc booking fee) or €40 for Quarter Block Party weekend pass.

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