The Bullet in The Brick - 12" Vinyl Release

The Bullet In The Brick

“The Bullet in The Brick” gets a 12” vinyl release this coming November 25th.

Featuring the same electric guitar orchestra used in “Lockout”, the band’s multi-movement work set for release in early 2017, “The Bullet in the Brick” explores various aspects of the Easter Rising such as the bombing of Dublin by the British gunship “The Helga”, the murder of activist Francis Sheehy Skeffington and its attempted cover-up, and finally the Proclamation of the Irish Republic.

The A-side of the 12” includes the full “Bullet in the Brick” suite while the B-side features a live recording of the first movement from "Lockout". A limited edition green vinyl edition is also available. 

Preorder is available here.

Following their successful appearance at the Clonakilty Guitar Festival earlier this month, the band will mark the release of the 12” with a performance in Dublin, details to be announced soon.

Side A: The Bullet in The Brick
A Destroyer on the Liffey / The Bullet in the Brick / A Proclamation

Side B: Lockout - Movement I
A Debt That Must Be Paid / A Fair Wage For A Fair Day’s Work / William Martin Murphy’s Midnight Mass