New York gigs

We are playing two shows in New York, this weekend, our first trip to the US:

Jan 12 – APAP NYC 2013 Conference
Jan 14 – The Living Room

Spook Apap Flyer

Guardian review

Check out this review of “The Brutal Here and Now” from The Guardian:

The band’s name and the title say it all: this is an intriguing and quirky psych-folk outfit with an unexpectedly tough edge. Named after a poem about a haunted canal lock, The Spook first got together in Dublin to write songs in the folk tradition, but other influences started creeping in. There are melodic echoes of Planxty or the Dubliners here, but matched against a blitz of guitar rock and feedback and a delight in the unexpected. They sing in three languages, starting in Italian with The Tarantella, which begins with an eerie wash of sound and ends up as a frantic party dance with a real sense of danger. Then there are brooding and menacing three-part harmonies on Black Diaries, edgy but acoustic Gaelic songs, and a fine mix of melody and unease in Shudder in the West. One of the Irish albums of the year.

Big Monster Love Tribute compilation

Allen recorded a solo track for the Popical Island tribute album to Big Monster Love with the help of Padraig from Yeh Deadlies. 

The full album is streaming via Nialler9.

Dave Fanning Session

Spook session on The Dave Fanning Show, RTÉ 2fm, October 2nd including The Tarantella, interview, Heave The Bellows, The Brutal Here and Now (Parts I and II).